Lumi's Client Brief Lands #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Congratulations to our client Brief for landing one of the top spots on Product Hunt.

Lumi's Client Brief Lands #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the biggest platform for discovering and sharing new products in the tech industry. Posting a newly launched product on PH is one of the best ways to promote it and sign up early users. But landing one of the top spots is a sure way to get not only thousands of new users but potentially secure new funding and get investors’ interest in your startup.

Some of the biggest names in the tech world, like Instagram, Notion and Chat-GPT first launched on Product Hunt.

It’s no wonder that most startups dream of being Product of the Day on Product Hunt – and Brief’s team was no different. Lumi has been working with Brief since its inception, closely collaborating with the Founders on product vision and design. We were also a part of the Product Hunt launch campaign, working on marketing and design assets.

Brief simplifies daily information intake by curating the most important news stories tailored to your interests into a single digest. Using AI, Brief analyses thousands of articles daily to create comprehensive multi-sourced stories. If you want to stay informed without sacrificing your time or sanity, Brief helps you get the gist of the most important stories from thousands of sources, delivered right to your inbox. Brief can be used as a daily email digest, as well as a web app.

The product operates in a brand-new realm of AI so working on it requires coming up with cutting-edge design solutions. As with any startup, Brief also goes through constant iterations and therefore needs robust design system that can be flexible and easily adjusted for new features.

Lumi is an active member of Brief’s team, working not only on design but on the overall product strategy and direction. We’ve been co-creating and refining the product from the ground up, from its first concepts to the recent Product Hunt success.

We’re excited to see where Brief goes next and what the future has in store for the team!

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