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Product Strategy

We'll be your best kept secret with our relentless experimentation to uncover go-to-market paths and achieve product-market fit.

  • Ideation and Discovery
  • Opportunty Mapping Workshops
  • Experiment-driven Growth
  • North Star Metrics and Roadmaps
  • Positioning and repositioning
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Product Design

Our designers create intuitive, engaging experiences tailored to users through deep UX focus, rapid ideation, and user testing.

  • Information Architecture
  • UX Research and Design
  • Visual Identity and Branding
  • UI Design
  • Metrics-driven design
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As your technical partner, we identify optimal tech stacks and craft robust, maintainable codebases that allow your product evolve and grow.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Devops and Cloud
  • Quality Assurance
  • Low Code / No Code MVPs
  • Support and Maintenance

Our Process


Discover and validate

We discover and validate your vision, define intuitive designs, product requirements, and a roadmap to transform ideas into reality and achieve product-market fit.


Design & Build

We strategically design, build and launch first live versions of our clients’ digital products and platforms.


Iterate and scale

Rapidly iterating products leveraging user feedback and evolve scaled solutions towards product-market fit through advanced analytics providing actionable insights.


Support and Maintenance

Enabling full potential through robust security, continuous improvements and maintenance harnessing real usage data.

Work towards
achieving your KPIs
startup experience
Time & team size
Work directly with
the Founders

Delivering delightful experiences

Let’s team up and create solutions that communicate your value, increase product-market fit and bring growth.

Art9 is an online marketplace for buying and selling art
ArtRank uses data to predict changes in the art world
Kicky empowers artists and helps them earn more
Kicky is a platform for renting original local art
Opus helps in career planning and job hunt
Impact Hunt is a news platform for good news
Tom de Vall, Cofounder of Iungo Solutions
"Lumi focused on identifying our true pain points and delivering targeted solutions that make an impact. They rolled up their sleeves and delivered!"
Bilyana Freye
CEO, Orbiit
Tom de Vall, Cofounder of Iungo Solutions
Their ability to understand a complex underlying technology and a brand-new industry was insane. We were blown away by how they took all the complexity we threw at them and delivered intuitive SaaS wireframes.
Josephine Bromley
COO, Mortar
Lenny Leeman, Cofounder & CEO of Greenspark
“Working with Lumi was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to any founder. They took an in-depth look at our landing page and signup flows, honing our value-proposition and optimising for conversions. The outcome was a clean, beautiful landing page where users can actually understand our produc.”
Lenny Leeman
Cofounder & CEO, Greenspark
Tom de Vall, Cofounder of Iungo Solutions
"If we hadn't gone through the sprint with Lumi, we would have wasted a lot of time and money trying to build something that wasn't going to work."
Tom de Vall
Cofounder, Iungo Solutions
Yedid Herskovitz, Founder & CEO of Rapidream
“After releasing our alpha product, we didn't know how to move forward towards product-market fit. Working with Lumi changed this company completely. They steered us through the customer conversations, helped us develop multiple first-of-its-kind innovations and delivered a beautiful minimal user interface.
Yedid Herskovitz
Founder & CEO, Rapidream

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