Lumi offer integrated team for your startups' growth.

Integrated team for your startups' growth

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Great design considers both your business goals and your users' needs. Lumi exceeds in connecting both in a meaningful way.

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Our approach to design and working with clients is to always learn, measure, analyse and adapt - fast. We're a truly lean design team.

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Work with us on the metrics that are important to you and mature your design processes for your future success.

Product Design

It's time to become a unicorn. Products we've designed have been used by over 25+ million people around the world.

Native mobile apps
Web & desktop applications
User experience design
Design audits & Optimisation
Product design example: Didit App design
Marketing Design example: Kicky Landing Page

Marketing Design

Increase your conversion rates and level up marketing materials. Effective design can be a sales tool for your business

Landing pages
Data-driven pricing pages
Pitch deck and marketing materials
App Store Design & Optimisation

Design for Scale

Solve design scalability challenges before they arise, ship faster and make your product stand out above competitors.

UX & UI audits
Design systems
Training junior teams
Usability testing
Finance app design
Work towards
achieving your KPIs
startup experience
Time & team size
Direct contact with the
best designers

Delivering delightful design experiences

Let’s team up and create solutions that communicate your value, reach product-market fit and bring growth.

Kicky is a platform for renting original local art
Opus helps in career planning and job hunt
Art9 is an online marketplace for buying and selling art
ArtRank uses data to predict changes in the art world
Kicky empowers artists and helps them earn more
Impact Hunt is a news platform for good news
"If we hadn't gone through the sprint with Lumi, we would have wasted a lot of time and money trying to build something that wasn't going to work."
Tom de Vall, Cofounder of Iungo Solutions
Tom de Vall
Cofounder, Iungo Solutions
“After releasing our alpha product, we didn't know how to move forward towards product-market fit. Working with Lumi changed this company completely. They steered us through the customer conversations, helped us develop multiple first of their kind innovations and delivered a beautiful minimal user interface.
Yedid Herskovitz, Founder & CEO of Rapidream
Yedid Herskovitz
Founder & CEO, Rapidream
“Working with Lumi was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to any founder. They took an in-depth look at our landing page and signup flows, honing our value-proposition and optimising for conversions. The outcome was a clean, beautiful landing page where users can actually understand our product. Lumi also reduced our onboarding by three screens, making it smoother and faster.”
Lenny Leeman, Cofounder & CEO of Greenspark
Lenny Leeman
Cofounder & CEO, Greenspark