Growing Average Customer Value by 400% with Orbiit

Saas application design
Product strategy


  • → AI-powered matchmaking SaaS platform powering curated introductions at scale
  • → Opportunity identified to reposition from a community product to helping B2B SaaS companies scale through social selling
  • → Challenges in maximizing product usability and user engagement for a broader customer base

With Lumi:

  • → Comprehensive product review addressing multiple points of friction and impacting key customer metrics: activation and retention
  • → Key feature enhancements aligning with B2B needs, including new Dashboard, Member Profile, CRM integrations and a public API
  • → Early, positive results in engaging the new customer profile, showing 4x increase in contract size with new customers had already carved out a niche in AI-powered community matchmaking, known for fostering vibrant community connections, especially powerful during the global pandemic as the world shifted to remote work. As the world began to emerge from the pandemic, Orbiit’s team didn't rest on their laurels; instead, they ambitiously targeted a promising new market in the B2B SaaS sector, ready to harness this momentum for greater expansion.

🏔️ Pioneering a New Path

With their sights set on this new direction, teamed up with Lumi. With our unique focus on guiding startups through bold new directions while safeguarding their core business, we were excited to help the team. Our main goal was to redefine their platform for the B2B SaaS audience, leveraging our expertise to ensure a seamless pivot into this promising market.

🦘 Making the Leap

We began by diving deep into strategy sessions, focusing on deciphering the B2B SaaS landscape and its unique demands. Research was key: we explored everything from user behaviors and market needs, competitor strategies, customer needs, wants and pains and had endless conversations with potential customers in new market, laying a solid foundation for the project.
A clear understanding emerged: Every B2B SaaS leader we spoke to wanted to ‘Do more with less’ and that became the core focus of how we design and position the the product.
Nicolo Luti founder of DiscoEat
Bilyana Freye
CEO, Orbiit
Lumi focused on identifying our true pain points and delivering targeted solutions that make an impact. No time was wasted on generic frameworks and spray & pray strategies we've seen from other consultants. They rolled up their sleeves and delivered!
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🛠️ Refining the Core Product

With a clear understanding of the challenge, we focused on meticulously refining’s user experience, ensuring every aspect resonated with the new target audience. Key areas of work included:
Always responsive, always helpful and driving the project forward in a timely and enthusiastic way!
– Bilyana Freye, CEO, Orbiit

🧱 Building on Early Results

As we moved through the clear tasks and saw impact from early experimentations, we started to develop a good understanding of the deeper work involved. The three work streams that emerged:
After a few months, the results of all our work began showing up with the Orbiit customers. One client saw a 900% increase in customer retention when using Orbiit, while another doubled engagement. What’s even better, they both matched the new Ideal Customer Profile that we refined with the team.

🚀 Successful transition

As the Orbiit pipeline for new ICP grew, we also saw a 4x increase in Average Customer Value for new customers. This has proven our assumption that the new ICP was much more likely to onboard into a higher plan with all the features tailored to a B2B Saas use case. At the same time, all the product improvements shipped made a positive impact on all existing customers.

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