Let’s face the facts: a staggering 80% of startups fail. And the number 1 reason? “No market need” (Forbes, May 2019)

But what if:

This is exactly what happens when you get to Product-Market Fit.
In this FREE 12-week email course you will learn and implement techniques to help you achieve it. Over the last 10 years our team has worked in big tech companies, built our own businesses and successfully exited them. Now, we use our experience in the startup & design world to create success for others. We created this course around the process we now use every day with our clients. We will cover all you need to build a product or service your customers truly love.
Note: It's OK if terms we use are unfamiliar to you. We discuss them right at the start! All you need for the course is a business or a business idea to work with.

What you’ll accomplish

🕵🏻️ You will understand what your customers and stakeholders want and need, even if they don't know how to express it.
📣 You will start communicating your vision in a way that excites your customers and your team.
📈 You will learn how to measure success and whether you're actually moving closer to realising your vision.
💡 You will have reliable access to generating new ideas by yourself or with your team.
🛠 You will create a process for implementing these ideas and measuring effectiveness - do they move you towards the only goal that matters - your product-market fit.

How it works

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Did we mention that the course is completely free? Why? Because we are facing many important global problems and we believe that both business and technology hold incredible potential to contribute to solving them for good.
And with each and every entrepreneur increasing their impact and realising their vision for the world, we are coming closer to a world that works for everyone. 💙🌍

About Lumi

Hi, we're Lumi! We specialize in Product-Market Fit sprints for startups that want success, and want it fast – we deliver real results in as little as 4 days.

Our founders Milosz & Aleksandra have prepared this 12-week course to introduce you to some core Product-Market Fit concepts that fuel high-growth startups. These are processes used by the biggest companies in the world, adjusted to fit the realities of smaller-scale startups that are just starting their journey.

Sounds good?