Helping Mortar build an intuitive platform to accelerate decarbonization

Desktop App Design
Product Validation
Product Execution


  • → Identified potential market and opportunities
  • → Assessed product concepts with prospective users
  • → Getting ready to build an MVP

With Lumi:

  • Set clear product direction
  • Identified distinct customer groups and their different needs
  • Brand new product demo for validation and raising with limited resources
Mortar approached us with a clear vision - to rapidly decarbonize buildings worldwide. They needed a product roadmap for their first MVP targeting the retrofitting process. The product is using a map-based system for presenting energy data, utilising breakthrough technology to provide suggestions in minutes to accelerate the process and help users reach their zero-emission targets.
We started by understanding Mortar's long-term goals through a collaborative workshop. Next, we interviewed potential users from architectural firms, consulting companies, and government agencies to uncover their pain points and needs. Lastly, our team presented several lightning demos that set the stage for final deliverables.

🎯 Focusing the product direction

Our team worked closely with Mortar through interactive workshops to explore different potential focus areas and tradeoffs for their minimum viable product (MVP). We wanted to ensure the product direction was sharply defined while allowing room for Mortar's vision.

By whiteboarding and discussion, we aligned on enabling users to identify the highest impact areas to start retrofitting. This would allow Mortar to provide immediate value towards larger decarbonization goals. This process of teasing apart potential directions was pivotal for focusing the product vision and giving Mortar confidence in their path forward.
Nicolo Luti founder of DiscoEat
Josephine Bromley
COO, Mortar
We were absolutely delighted with the outcomes. Lumi delivered everything we had hoped for and more, as they also taught us about the product development methodology they had employed and pushed us to prioritise features and our ideas. Our customers loved the wireframes and off the back of them, we are much closer to moving some customers towards paying for our MVP.
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🏢 Accelerating retrofitting with data

The result is a prototype that demonstrates the value of data analysis as well as the key advantage of the product.
“We were blown away by how they took all the complexity we threw at them and delivered intuitive wireframes.”
– Josephine, COO, Mortar

🚀 Impact on Mortar

The Mortar team has been able to prioritise their product features, spark ideas, and continue their product development aligned with market expectations. In a short timeframe, Mortar gained:

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