Enabling Didit to rapidly validate and launch an innovative product

Mobile App Design
Product Validation


  • → Identified market opportunity
  • → Lacked resources to execute & move quickly
  • → Getting ready to launch a new product

With Lumi:

  • Validated market opportunity in 2 weeks
  • → Shipped first version of the product in a few months
  • → Improved, expanded and validated new product fully in 4 months
We have been working with DiscoEat (and now Didit) since mid 2021. What was first an exploration of an idea became a partnership and full UX & UI design of a new product. Throughout this time we’ve been closely collaborating with their internal product and design teams, helping the Founders allocate their resources and attention better in order to create, ship & sell a disruptive product in a fraction of the time.
DiscoEat is a restaurant discovery and booking platform available in Germany. Prior to the pandemic, they experienced high growth and built up a lot of excitement around their unique discount system. Throughout 2020, they tirelessly kept iterating and exploring different ways to adapt to the new reality. 

When we started working together, DiscoEat had identified a niche in the market. Only 1% of restaurants in Germany accepted payments via phone and competitors were not even close to entering the market due to the fragmented ecosystem. The founders were ready for innovation and we were thrilled to join them on this journey.

✅ Validating the Opportunity

Our first step was validating the opportunity through a hands-on workshop. We collaborated to define the problem and goals, then rapidly prototyped a mobile checkout system. Pitching this to a diverse range of restaurant owners uncovered strong demand - some were ready to buy on the spot.

With validation from real-world testing, DiscoEat secured investor buy-in and aligned on the product direction, saving months of work. These tangible results gave the green light to launch Didit.
Nicolo Luti founder of DiscoEat
Nicolo Luti
Managing Director, DiscoEat
Looking at every single part of our product, marketing, operations and sales we were able to quickly highlight our strengths and weak points. Lumi helped put our thoughts together and opened our eyes to the huge opportunities we have ahead. We clearly defined the action plan and have started executing on it right away.
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🤝 Co-creating an intuitive product

Since then, we’ve worked with the growing Didit team as their Integrated Team to:
“Working with Lumi is like having a senior Head of Design on demand, without needing to hire”
– Nicoló Luti, Managing Director, DiscoEat
As our later sprints built on the learnings from the initial workshop, we were able to jump straight into design and solve deep User Experience challenges. During each sprint, we focused on a specific product element and met daily with the client to make key decisions.

‍Our agile sprints enabled fast-paced decision making to solve complex challenges. Didit's team could then efficiently implement our designs over 1-2 months.

☄️  Impact on Didit

The result is a product that has been fast to develop and has clear advantages over the competition: 
We're proud to have rapidly equipped Didit to validate, build, and launch an innovative product that simplifies payments.

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