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  • → Innovative technology that allows anyone to explore 60,000 career paths
  • → Early traction with a B2B model for universities & colleges
  • → Team wants to explore a B2C business model

With Lumi:

  • → Validated a B2C business model in a matter of days
  • → 8 out of 9 interviewed customers were ready to purchase the product
  • → Team saved 3+ months & changed their roadmap after learnings
Iungo came to us with the idea of exploring the business-to-customer market for Opus, their career advice and guidance platform. Opus provides a truly innovative solution to anyone who is looking to make big career decisions, whether it is a high school student, a person re-entering the workforce or a professional looking for a career change. But even though it can provide users with incredible, data-driven advice, the founders thought they were missing out on the full potential of the platform
"If we hadn't gone through the sprint with Lumi, we would have wasted a lot of time and money trying to build something that wasn't going to work."
Tom de Vall, Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Iungo Solutions
We worked with Iungo to understand the problem, find the solution and create a high-fidelity prototype of the onboarding process for a new mobile application. We specifically focused on messaging and quickly providing value to customers.

In the end of our collaboration, Lumi interviewed users in order to validate our ideas & assumptions. The interviews revealed that eight out of nine people would purchase the app immediately and were excited about the opportunity it presented. Additionally, we identified clear patterns in who found the app valuable and why, giving the team key insights for further product & marketing work.

This left the Iungo team aligned on the next steps & their priorities, and a clear roadmap for the coming months.
Nicolo Luti founder of DiscoEat
Tom de Vall
Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Iungo Solutions
In a surprisingly short amount of time, Lumi takes your ideas and turns them into a physical thing. It wasn’t just articulating and illustrating it - they reimagined our product. Our team was left with a new-found belief that we have something we can successfully take to the market.
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Here’s how it went


We kicked off with a workshop to understand the problem, set the desired outcomes & align the team. After interviewing the founders, we found out what they wanted to achieve long term: One million people would plan their career with Opus. 
Then, we focused on the solutions and started defining a prototype. The founders wanted to test an idea for a career-planning mobile app tool, to see if there was a potential market for it, how they could position themselves and what the users' reaction to it would be. After presenting several examples that could serve as possible sources of inspiration, we decided what features our prototype would and would not have and how we could best show the customers what the idea was about.

🛠 Innovation #1 - From 60,000 to 3

Opus app has incredible potential - it gives anyone access to 60,000 career paths across the UK and provides them with data-driven next steps. The challenge that we identified is that users don’t always understand the full range of product benefits and often fail to discover and understand the paths available to them. Therefore our goal was to design an experience that helps the user go from 60,000 possible career paths to the few most relevant, exciting and eye-opening ones, in 5 minutes or less. 

🛠 Innovation #2 - ‘Tinder for Careers’

To give good recommendations, most career advice platforms use a long, complex skill test in order to assess what possible careers would suit the user best. But the team found from experience that most of these tests aren’t very useful or reliable. Instead, we created a personalised onboarding process with just a few short questions and a swipe-able card interface, familiar to most mobile app users through apps like Tinder. The choices made by the user would then be reflected inside the platform.


Next, we focused on creating the wireframe and design for the app onboarding process, the paywall and a simple dashboard page that showed the user what they would get after signing up. From the first moment the user opens the app, they are presented with encouraging messages followed by simple questions that will help Opus recommend the most relevant careers. They can choose the career that interests them the most and a pathway will show up. After this brief demonstration of what Opus can offer, the user is offered a monthly or yearly subscription in order to access the app. Once they choose the plan that best suits them they will be welcomed to the dashboard where they can finish completing their profile, start exploring careers and even get suggestions of possible apprenticeship and internship opportunities.

Customer Interviews

Once the prototype was complete, our team proceeded to put it to the test by interviewing nine people. They ranged in backgrounds, ages and career paths - from career changers to people reentering the workforce to young people just starting in the job market. The interviews were conducted and recorded through Zoom

We adjusted the designs based on key feedback and at the end presented Opus with our results as well as conclusions from users. The customer interviews revealed that 8 out of 9 people we spoke to were ready to purchase the product based on what they’d seen. 

🤔 Learnings & summary

In just a few weeks, we were able to understand Opus’ team, values, business model and priorities really well, then connect the core benefits the app provided to their customers' needs. With that, we were able to:

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