Helping Kicky launch successfully with a beautiful website, updated business model and product experience

Landing page & onboarding design


  • → Launching a product in a pilot market
  • → Need a landing page to generate initial customers
  • → Getting ready to fundraise after the pilot launch

With Lumi:

  • → Designed a beautiful landing page & established an onboarding flow
  • → Supported the public launch of their product
  • → Improved their business model helping Kicky be more profitable from Day 1
Kicky came to us with a very exciting challenge. From our first conversation, their value proposition and mission resonated with our team. On the one hand, Kicky is giving everyone access to great artists and beautiful art in their own space; on the other – it is helping artists generate recurring income and profit from the future appreciation of their work. The challenge was explaining and selling that vision to both sides in a simple, compelling and familiar way.
We worked with Kicky on client discovery and market research to understand the current situation for artists and collectors, find a solution that works as a scalable, easy-to-understand business model and create a landing page and an onboarding process for both artists and collectors. 
Brenton Strine founder of Kicky
Brenton Strine
Founder, CTO at Kicky
Lumi demonstrated a solid understanding of what we needed and the ability to come up with good solutions during our discovery meeting. Really amazing results in a short amount of time! They're awesome, wish they weren't so busy!
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We kicked off work with a workshop to understand the problem, set the desired outcomes & align with the team. After interviews and workshops with the founders, we established their long team objectives: to build a business that gives everyone access to great art, and solves the problem of royalties for talented artists (because right now, they don’t get any)! 
Then, we focused on solutions and started defining the landing page and onboarding. After coming up with tons of ideas on business models, pitching to artists, guilloche patterns and landing pages, we created an outline that combined all of those strands into a single prototype: a home page, a landing page for artists, and an onboarding process for patrons that explains the business model. The latter two in particular were exciting innovations that we could not wait to get started on.

🛠 Innovation #1 - A leaner business model

Kicky initially started with the idea of being able to rent any piece of art at different prices, depending on value. We had seen the appeal of that and after looking at the upsides and downsides and speaking to a few potential customers, we proposed a leaner and more familiar business model.
With our new proposal users were able to sign up to receive pre-selected "packages" of art in a given category and value range. We found that this approach scaled better with different customer sizes, from individual collectors to businesses, and made choice and inventory management easier. Win-win. 

🛠 Innovation #2 - pitching to artists

The life of a fine artist isn’t easy. Few ever see any royalties or profits after they originally sell the painting. Lesser known artists rarely get paid for renting their work. It's a ‘free promotion’ after all. Luke and Brenton set out to change that. And to build a marketplace like Kicky, they need a lot of artists on their side, creating and lending new works regularly to Kicky customers. Supply and demand is the trickiest element of getting two-sided marketplaces like Kicky up and running. Getting enough artists on board, and aligning their expectations with the business model, was key. The story Kicky told to artists needed to be easy to understand and compelling. 


After the initial learnings and aligning on scope, the Lumi team worked heads-down on wireframing, creating story prototypes, designing the whole experience and writing the copy. We checked in daily with the founders and a small group of potential customers. This made sure that the design we delivered was instantly usable, understandable and really got the message across. 

🤔 Learnings & summary

In a matter of a few weeks, we were able to understand Kicky’s team, values, business model and priorities, then help them mould their product and their story around it to deliver a beautiful website and onboarding, and enable them to launch a better, more successful business. In other words, we were able to:

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